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Jumping Letters (software educativo)

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Jumping Letters is the version of Cantaletras for other languages like English, Vietnamese and Russian. As Cantaletras, Jumping Letters is a software to support the reading and writing education of blind children.

The principal characteristic of Jumping Letters is that is based on a model of triple mediation: for the children, for the lego educator and for the expert educator. This software was developed with the support of the International Council for the Education of people with Visual Impaiment (ICEVI).

The main objective of Jumping Letters is allow to the blind child translate the experience writing and reading from the seer to his sensory modalities intact (touch and hearing) supporting the initial reading and writing education through ludic activities that allow the teaching of Braille system and the use of the keyboard.

Oriented: Jumping Letters, as Cantaletras, is oriented principally to blind children or children with low vision with ages between 4 and 10 years.

Download: http://www.cedeti.cl/software-educativo/jumping-letters/